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a quick scribble

I’m in one of those strange moods where I feel like writing but couldn’t be asked to get out of bed. So I’m writing this in bed, on my blackberry. I don’t know if Thompson or Wilde or Self ever punched out literary genius on a cellular device, perhaps if they left their laptop at the office and lived in a bar where the only peace is in bed. I’ll never be sure.

I think I’ve decided that life is too busy, the setup has proved to be awfully time consuming, with all these ‘have-to’s’ and ‘should I’s’- perhaps a collective vacation is required. Maybe that’s what Julius needs to see his pending judicial complication as; a little vacation. Like any ambitious power fiend will tell you, the routine can take over and that’s a bad thing.

The overlapping of political motives with Julius’ flogging is morally irritating, but certainly no deal breaker. There has been a lot said about underhanded plots and personal vendettas, yet we fail to register that everything worthwhile is. Empires aren’t built on principles, they’re nothing but elaborate penis (ex)tenders and sometimes there’s more than one dickless slouch in contention for the device.

That’s what’s being sought here, a people to rule and that’s why our democracy looks so kak at the moment, our leaders think like rulers, whilst they should be thinking like servants.

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  1. Afsana says:

    The way you write is so, delicious. I love your diction.

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