Tilt Republic. Johannesburg. New York. Cape Town. London.

a small silver lining

Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen, the new anti darlings from the terrorist stable. Yes there was Mali, but this is a fight too girded in hatred to understand. It surpasses retribution, this sphere of toxic tit for tat cannot be grappled with.

Monday morning I walked into the writer’s room at the LNN studio, filled with all the slow go gifts of Mondayhood. That quickly changed when I saw the aftermath that was half a dozen politico junkies with their fingers on the pulse of this thing called news. Wind out of their sails, distraught and scattered cuttings of existential disgust plastered every conversation.

We have to say something, something needs to be said.

The script was written but we spent an hour we didn’t have editing careful references of this manifest nightmare into the final cut. So much respect, careful wording. To and fro we chiseled our words to display how we felt.


We see Kenya


I was blown away by the pathos I saw in satire’s hub. No jokes, no flippancy. Being the new guy on the team allowed me to see the collective empathy this group operates in so clearly. The saddest most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a while.