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A Sovereign Resistance

#MassHysteria, brought to our fair city by @Whacked, has evoked all sorts of interesting. I can’t deny that this isn’t a biased comedy tanked fluff piece, but my reasons are legit and besides, Jesus lied (totally didn’t need that last bit).

Given the gaping corporate vag-hole that is corporate comedy interest with its 90 day, take it or leave it, Raymond Ackerman style fuck you remuneration program, I can’t blame our crew of upper case funny for going it alone. I’m not a retelling-a-story sort of guy so skip over to this for a little back story.


The first of its magnitude, with open books and insistence on honouring the fundamental ingredient; our comedians and by proxy their wallets.


Like that gorgeous nihilist played by Nicholson in The Departed said, “no ticket, no laundry.” Counter culturalism remains safe, with these sentiments (god help me if this turns out to be some hybrid ponzy manoeuvre, but I feel rested it isn’t), mixed with this amount of talent, SA comedy is looking better than ever.  


It’s a good time to feel pride, indie grit and no bullshit swagger has reared its necessarily ugly head to tell a bullying promoter to fuck its mother’s hand. Bravo.


It didn’t have to come to this, but artists normally choose an easily exploited path unconcerned with these silly preoccupations with profit and being able to eat.

The problem comes when these money hungry business swine step in to ooze their shitty cancerous project managing puss into vacuums, left not by negligence, but creative nobility. #MassHysteria is an exercise in non centralized and transparent business dealing, its entertainment in receipt of true anarchistic sentiment. Like a twisted kibbutz with jokes. 


That we have prolific and established comedians, capable of sniffing out these abusive business pigs makes my smile transcendent. Sitting here, drinking a beer next to a fireplace at the Armchair and knowing that the values I love are loved by the acts I love and this makes me feel like everything is O.K. Go see.

Mass Hysteria, 28th of July, Cape Town.