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another bad tangent

It was with great joy that I watched the republican conference. There’s something profoundly satisfying in watching bigots fail, kind like Eugene coming off his horse or an oppressed labourer coming in him.

I might be one, a bigot that is, a kind of hybrid neo-conservative, simply angled liberally, but conservative none the less. Even though I have a problem with authority, I’m pretty stubborn and I also struggle with intuitive and emotively fuelled stupidity some lefty’s get caught in. There’s a breed of left wing consciousness I loathe, but not enough to side with the confederate flag waving Nazi’s.

At the core of these constitutionally cross eyed pigs is an abject refusal to alter their world views, a lacklustre approach to adapt and that is why we shouldn’t encourage them.

And if things weren’t dire enough the entire right wing mess is lead by a Mormon. I’m sure he’s a perfectly respectable person. A man who mows his lawn, has consensual sex and probably pays his taxes. But that isn’t the problem, the problem is what he stands for, what he’s chosen to represent. The legacy of right wing pigs, with their kak foreign policy and still kaker domestic stance towards anyone who isn’t a white upper middle class male. We’re talking about a collective that defines the essential characteristics of what a problem actually is and I have only one point to make; Mitt Romney is a problem.

He dissapoints me, not just as a politician or a human being, but as a carbon based life form. If his only job was to hang onto an end of a rock, like some lesser form of shellfish, he’d probably fuck that up too. It cheapens my focus to ramble on about this flawed prick but this villain has come at just the right time, my irritation with the wrong kinds of conservative excesses has needed a poster boy for some time. Cue Mitt, the Mutt, champion of white collar neurosis, bigotry and thoughtlessness.

Despite what he’s said, because the lobbysist’s spin pricks wrote that for him, I‘d like to consider what he believes. Far be it from me to call fowl on a specific religion, in this day and age we should surely have reached consensus about what people are allowed to think in the privacy of their own heads. But I will say this, Mormonism is one of the single shittiest toxic melanges of pseudo enlightened dribble I have ever encountered.

If the aspiring leader of the free world thinks he can get away with subscribing to a cult not 200 years old he’s an idiot. If he does that slur will fall on the masses. Sure narrow minded bigotry is addictive, like any debilitating disease, but we need to package these bible addicts appropriately. Misogynistic creepers impervious to progression.

Mormonism, a religion started by the fiend Joseph Smith, came around in the 1840’s. Any significant change to a canon that pulls an already challenging set of beliefs even further towards obscurity irritates me from the outset. That thinking people chose to such madness as a progressive step seems beyond bizarre. We need religious reformers, but they need to incorporate open mindedness and logic, not extra bits of hocus pocus. Cue the book of Mormon. I like the part where Jesus goes to America. An angel called Moroni told Smith this in a forest near New York. Moroni? Was he Italian? Fuck me.

Any religion that eschews coffee cannot possibly be the work of God, simple enough.

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September 11, 2012 Early Tilt