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B grade celluloid mayhem

From an attempted macro, perspective seeking, approach, morality, seems to be something we don’t get right all that often. This worries me for two reasons, morality isn’t a hard ask, even to the simplest of heads and more pressingly, it’s mind buggeringly boring.


A stronger argument that we are little more than over evolved beasts is hard to find, this psychotically thwarted survival instinct that trumps our attempts at functioning on some higher plain enlightens me to the point of nausea.


We see noble leaders crumble under the pressure of the cashish demon, servants of God doing all sorts of heinous things all the while the criminally insane spring up with ferocious impossible-to-anticipate consistency. Shit goes wrong all the time, but this doesn’t make the debate of what’s right or wrong an irrelevant one, just emotionally tiring. Finding the balls to confront any issue on moral grounds normally drains me because I consider myself part of the problem. Doing the right thing seems like a terribly taxing avenue of behaviour


Cue the imminent clusterfuck of a situation brought to us by the fine people of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical rag that took a stab at the dodgey film situation, the one dishonouring Islam by disrespecting their prophet.


Here’s a quote from their editor, Stephane Charbonier:

“I’m not asking strict Muslims to read Charlie Hebdo, just like I wouldn’t go to a mosque to listen to speeches that go against everything I believe.”


Here we have the whole thing in perspective, a simple rule, so very sense making. Voluntary interaction, freedom of expression and freedom from fear all wrapped into one firecracker of a quote. This eternal bullying spirit ingrained in fundamentalism has been shown the finger. It makes incredible sense that this has happened, I just didn’t think anyone would show the courage to be associated with the sentiment.


The main problem with this caustic interplay between angry fundamentalist factions and those that cross the line needs to be considered. If we angle the situation through that noisy intuitively liberal soft in the head empathy we can almost see these heinous retaliations justified, but we must be careful not to do this. The transgressors, the takers of human life are at fault here because they retaliated against an idea and an ephemeral and abstract threat. But again, I’m forced to admit how tedious this moralizing is to me. Not because I don’t value moral behaviour, but it just seems so painfully obvious, nauseatingly pedestrian. I feel embarrassed for my species that we remained tangled in such dull pursuits. Maybe, one day, when we’re big, we can get on with being more interesting.


The Muslim Judicial Council and the Claremont Main Road Mosque issued beauteous statements, condemning the violence but not over looking the Californian hick pastor’s shitty film. He should get what’s coming to him, if only for adding to the mound of B grade celluloid of the world, but the repercussions, they said, should come through legal structures. Perspective is boss.



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September 20, 2012 Early Tilt