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Chomksy love

Noamm Chomsky

There are tired words out there, tired ideas, alternative has long lost its punch. It’s a tedious reminder that we’re sloppy ideologues and careless. Anarchy can have the same tinge to it, a predictable and sometimes uncomfortable feeling associates itself with it. If I consider how I think about the world, the rules of engagement that I employ as I read the articles and attend the talks and decipher the media, I realize it’s ever evolving. The innate growth spurt, is long, and the learning curve constant. Hitchens said it best when he said the search for ideological clarity was one of the most important quests of his thought life. Perhaps the Johhny Black had something to do with that, but I’m beginning to understand that quest. The ideological refining and not the whiskey drinking.


Realizing that idealogical clarity is difficult because it draws from and depends on ever moving facets. The more we understand about the world, the more change should occur. In a perfect world that’s what happens, that’s why organized religion is difficult to cope with. They’ve ring fenced their behaviour, solicited a cosmic fullstop after their understanding and caused all sorts of trouble. That’s why you’d see well meaning intelligent Christians running a muck trying to consolidate contemporary acquisitions in knowledge with dusty manuscripts written by sun stroked slaves. Forcing and editing their understanding of a once canonized, but now flimsy idea about the world because irrefutable proof has arrived. Progression in logic and scientific discovery and folk philosophy needs to lose it’s holy cows. Progression needs to be fundamentally unsentimental.


This is where Noam Chomksy breathes clarity, into that very cul-de-sac of neurosis and self consciousness. He cuts the fat and gets on with the important part of the equation. Even something as incredibly contentious as anarchy comes from his mouth, it comes out with perspective and clarity, and somewhat poetic. Humanising the perceived beast and seeing it for why it is important. The confrontation of dangerous authority. This has to be a cornerstone of righteousness. Where ever there are buggered situations, dick head authoritarians aren’t too far off.


I think the real shift that has happened is us, we’re fundamentally different to the beatnik voices that made the counter culture interesting. Our age is one of the individual, there’s no denying it. Classical liberalism and its exultation of the individual, we no longer forfeit our perceptions of self to the group, or a group. It’s the human conditions age of indie. Self publishing, distribution belongs to the people. We no longer have these ragged old power hungary top down bastards that we have to impress to share our ideas. We’re always a few clicks away from publishing our own opinions. Though there’s a lot to say about that, I’m going to leave it there and leave you with the masterful Chomsky.

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May 13, 2013 Early Tilt