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Conspiring against the Con

jujuJulius Malema has accused Jacob Zuma of conspiring against him. I don’t think it’s called a conspiracy when there’s a press conference involved. Conspirators aren’t in the habit of informing reporters directly.


Sure it’s a little off centre that the Zumastration’s fiscal bit is directly pointed at Juju, but these things happen, or happen enough to make a coincidence plausible. I don’t think it is a coincidence, that ‘let’s bury the bastard’ conversation definitely happened, but as far as those tedious little nuggets called facts go this is where we’re at. A man coincidentally audited whilst being ousted.


Yes it’s meant to be autonomous administratively, but not weaponizing something as ferocious as SARS would be stupid. For now I’m content with saying the enemy of my enemy is SARS.


I remember when Mr Malema used to be the party’s pitbull, always in threat of being let off his leash. Then they did exactly that, but luckily for freedom they also stopped feeding him. Democracy 1- potential fascist cadenza- 0. So what of the hungry pitbull? What can we expect? A desperate soap boxery blendid with many open letters and accusations and further banning, perhaps. Maybe jail time.


People say this is exactly how Zuma started, a heavy sentence over his head for fraud, but there’s a difference in this case. Juju doesn’t have the tripartheid alliance backing him, he doesn’t have the boiler room of Luthuli house stoking his fire. To put it simply, he’s fucked.


This so called conspiracy suites me just fine, I say shut the fucker down. His money hungry, bling obsessed Range Rovering all over our headlines has left me disillusioned about the once mighty ANCYL. We need a better calibre of ideologue in that position. It’s not so much that he stole, but stole so badly that upsets me most. I want a leader unconcerned with materialism, that’s the first prize, but a close second is one able to disguise his true nature in style. Only A grade liars need apply. Mr Malema had his shot and he played a shoddy hand. He couldn’t have contradicted his socialist agenda more if had he lived in a 5 million Rand house and wore a quarter of a million rand watch.


Politics is a power game, public opinion and idealistic edge. That is it’s most effective currency. An angry man shouting about socialist ideals while living like an overfed gimp of the tender system simply doesn’t meet the grade. We need a young lion that gets off on higher pleasures. A short sighted pretend friend to political urgency in love with shiny things should have a conspiracy plotted against him. Finally, the Zuma administration is using it’s evil powers for good.


Had he lived more modestly, showed evidence of loving democratic socialist ideals like the founders, and perhaps, not been a massive all round poes things would have been different.


But they’re not different, they’re the way they are because he wouldn’t play the game and all that’s left is to follow through on this prick-a-cide.