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counter terrorism in the klein karoo

It’s rare that a first class media shit storm erupts properly, with the kind of flair and extravagance sought by the properly bored.


There’s one trying to erupt at the moment, but it’s sluggish and holey and already dead in the water. De Wet Potgieter (investigative reporter) wrote an expose on Farhad Dockrat’s (loaded Muslim dude) alleged connection with Al-Queda, it’s a beautifully written piece, quite exciting at times, but ultimately thin on evidence.



Farhad Dockrat’s response, I’ll skip a lame joke about his last name, was tremendous and definitive, ending with “Mr Dockrat does not want to engage in a tit for tat media war with Potgieter and so this will be his last words”. You know you’ve made a good argument when that’s your dismount. And damn, it was one stellar bitch slap of a counter.



Now I’m too far removed to make a calling on this, both sides of the argument had gusto and merit, though Dockrat definitely out trumped Potgieter on the facts department. Putting those pieces of work side by side, it reminded me of the Tyson-Louis fight in the late nineties, exciting but doomed from the start. One, a tired, rapey, brawler, the other a technical master in his prime. Both impressive, but the advantage obvious.



I think when it comes to issues like these we should remind ourselves of how truth operates, how we bestow this lofty adjective and the process we should undertake, especially when there’s so much at stake. See, though sensational and interesting, there’s too much at stake to just fling such accusations. Before anything is considered true we need to see the evidence, the process of inference and all the footnotes.

Empirical observation, trust in authority, logical thought and intuition are our only channels for discerning if a thing is true or not. Barring direct religious revelation and transcendental osmosis, but we shouldn’t be too keen on encouraging that kind of behaviour. Now these channels all operate differently, & under different circumstances some don’t at all, but when combined and properly organized we can easily determine something as true or not. This Potgieter didn’t do. Some have gone as far as to call him an instrument of post colonial prolongation, which sounds a little far fetched (and mildly arousing), but I don’t think that’s happening.


I fear my generation are indifferent to girding their minds concerning truth. I know I can be, at the end of the day a thing does not become less entertaining if it’s no longer true. Entertainment truly is everything. I form part of an insulated and privileged few who see world issues as amusing pastimes in competition with the last episode of Game of Thrones and Youtube fail clips. Perhaps that’s too much honesty, but did you see the one where the guy’s leg breaks while kickboxing, intense…


I do, however, care that Dockrat’s rights are being screwed with. Not just because I have deep admiration for his beard, or like that he wants to be left the fuck alone, something I too share with him, but because I think he’s being profiled. Just because he’s Muslim, wears camouflage, has a farm with an obstacle course and owns a fire arm doesn’t mean we get to call him a terrorist. Yes, these aren’t helpful habits in a country, and indeed age, as fucked as ours, but it’s still his right to do whatever, he reasonably, pleases. Even if it happens to be a PR nightmare.



He has been investigated, and there’s no amount of bullshit that can stick the claim that our government is pro- al-Qaeda, our political upper echelon spent years fighting murdering Calvinist militant nationalist racist pigs, why would they now support al-Qaeda? That would be ludicrous.


The important thing to remember is that no evidence supporting these allegations have been forwarded. There’s a mere aesthetic association going on, a theory I call people-who-don’t-look-like-the-people-who-don’t-like-people-who-don’t-look-like-them-ism. See, self explanatory really.


I’ve been thinking about the questions this issue has framed. The most interesting one has to do with solidarity, do we share collective criterion for concern in the West? Are the things that bother America truly bothering us? A country, that until not so long ago, had the father of our nation on a list of terrorists, well, these are things to discuss. If the roles were reversed would we be afforded the right to fuck with American citizens, the way they fuck with their own in the name of national security? Then again, look at how our politicians behave, money grubbing and liquid nepotism and complete disrespect for the citizenry. The Zuma administration hardly deserves the ‘right’ to international sway. We’re probably for sale on some black market somewhere.

For Sale, 50 million, mostly apathetic citizens. Prolapsed anus, (working condition, needs attention). Voetstoots.

It’s clear with all the corruption and lacklustre leadership that we’re a republic uncared for by our leaders. Our blue light brigade wouldn’t skip a meal to find our murderers. So could we consider this war on terrorism on empathetic grounds? What do you think?   Interesting questions for a shady time.

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