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Cue politically uncorrect kiefness

So I’m off to Balkanology for a little something or the other tonight. I fell in with a troop of gypsies for this evening of carnival madness, there’s much to say about the possibilities of tonight. We gathered for a little rehearsal/ conceptualizing session earlier in the week, a meeting that left me dazzled by the creativity lurking in our city’s enclaves.

The vision is grandiose, with tons of money thrown in from all around. Bos tea fronted a sexy 100k for the costumes alone, I’m not getting paid to blow air up their arse- but it’s something I’d gladly be paid to do, it’s a kief company. Exhibiting a keen vision for South African comedy, their Corne and Twakkie festival revelry in the form of an elaborate Gravalocity boxing ring is just superb. Local comedy cannot but progress with such excessive vision and support. Go Bos, you healthy bastards.

The theme for tonight is Animal Farm and having seen the dry runs I have to use my utmost to avoid spoiling the surprises. To have an evening of drunken revelry with such a lofty theme leaves me excited about the future of hedonism in this country.

So many of the outdoor fests have themes that range between homo neanderthalis style beer guzzling and pseudo spiritual third eye awakening bullshit. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy getting ripped with the dirtiest and my capacity for beer induced boytjie psychosis remains impressive. The refreshing  taste, however, of being a part of a hedonic cohesion pivoting on Orwellian precepts makes me smile inside and out. When it comes to socio-political relevance we need social conquistadores like the Balkanology crew running things, these fuckers have the right grit. Especially amidst spots exhibiting such undesirable post colonial residue as Stellenbosch.

Here’s to an evening of beyond kiefness.






  1. your charna says:

    not the only ‘uncorrect’ thing about that story…

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November 19, 2011 Early Tilt