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dear right wing

sketch 2-001so, here we are. Madiba is planted. some might say deep within us. a frail gargantuan sleeping in the foundations of qunu, his legend recharging with the renewed energy of death. his smoke now mingling with the rarified air of his council in the sky. the sun shines, the nation comforts itself after a period of keen loss and most importantly, reflection on its dented humanity. we celebrated with dancing, tears and prayer. we queued, we were drenched in rain and our own bad planning. we stood together without quarrel in awe of our father’s passing. we remembered his actions, ingested his example and, for a moment, forgot our own small niggles.  there were tears, there was some anxiousness – there was an agreement that we shall all try again, and harder this time, with feeling. but not blood. you said there would be blood. “they” would rise up and cut our throats. you said we should huddle in laagers, crying to a khaki god as dark tides came in and raped the children. you terrible liars, shaped by fear, fuelled by hate. no one is capable of the bible-built nonsensical hell you have conjured for yourselves but you. you are the source of your own worst fears, you and the terrible, maniacal horror film-maker you have decided god to be. you say people you have hated will hate you back. they don’t, and then you try your best to provoke them – no wonder jesus wept. he was paying attention. conservative refers to intelligence, not policy. you, who whisper about the undercurrent, coming to get us as we sleep in borrowed beds, on stolen land. you refuse to see the grace, patience and tolerance handed to you as a gift. when “they” booed the boss, where was your applause? when “they” shared Him with us, where was the smile? the thank you? “wow, we were cunts” and “you” didn’t march “us” into the sea?”. there is nothing as evil as you, nothing as small-minded, selfish and malicious. you are the reason our Constitution is as carefully worded as it is – you are the little, weak sledgehammer against our maybe clumsy nation-building. and yet you remain voiced and sheltered, because “we”, the people, agree that there is no “them” – not even you, and that even you should be treated the way we wish to be, because as one, we are better than the sum of our parts.
shame on you. with all my heart, i hope that your silence since nobody came to kill you is some kind of understanding, not just a pause, while you concoct a new stupidity to spew when you feel able to vomit publicly again.

john, the dick joke guy.

December 17, 2013 John Vlismas