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Dexter, the prodigal son.

So it seems political grinch -cum- prodigal son, Philip Dexter – Cope’s spokesperson, MP and founding member – is jumping back onto the ANC G-train with what is to be expected from greener-grass chasers: the requisite ankle-biting and ass-licking.

Waxing lyrical when he left the ANC to start Cope a few years ago, this political postulator accused the then JZ-run party of (to quote the Cape Times quoting him) “‘peddling lies’, promoting ‘factionalism, tribalism, violence, misogyny’ and ‘condoning possible criminal activity'”.

Now, leaving Cope, he’s self-proclaimed “failed experiment”, he seems intent on pouring yet more vitriol on the Cope-fire he started back in May when he basically accused his party members of mismanagement of funds, abuse of power and manipulating election results.

Dexter comes across as a bit of a pathological aural-arsonist, burning bridges and running his mouth with wanton abandon intent on painting himself as a corruption-free holier-than-thou Mr Squeaky-clean floating high above the it-is-all-corrupt political squalor everyone else is supposedly wallowing in.

The main thing that gets me about this guy is that he has the audacity to say that “his time in Cope had taught him that there was corruption in all parties”. Wait. How does that even begin to make sense? He’s been in 2 parties. TWO. And, in all honesty, the second one is VERY similar to the first one.

I think it’s pretty obvious that a more accurate acknowledgement would have been: “All the parties I have been involved in are corrupt”. And just like that, there’s a huge big elephant in the room. Dexter, if everywhere you go smells like shit, maybe it’s time you stopped flinging poo. Just saying.

If he really was serious about what he was saying, why would he go back to the ANC!? Surely, at the very least, it’s simply good due process to join a party without direct ANC affiliation, and most definitely one you haven’t left for very similar issues in the first place.

Going back to the ANC now, makes him seem, well, a little silly; but then again jumping to the opposition may just be political suicide for a party-hopper like Dex – at least now he’s still allowed back.

January 21, 2012 Early Tilt