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Diptych Sexy

Braamfontein has proved more interesting than it needs to, I’ve just skipped a road down from my humble square meterage to the 11th floor of the Liberty building to visit the opening night of the Dipych exhibition. The elevator stops at the tenth because the 11th isn’t actually there.

I feel a gonzo-esque bond with the idea of attending an exhibit on a floor that doesn’t exist. I also sometimes miss doing drugs. In that true Jozi hustling spirit this hasn’t put anyone off from staging a rather large exhibit there.

Listening to the conceptual unveiling of the work was interesting. I particularly enjoyed a cat named Bevan De Wet, who despite his unfortunate name, has some exquisitely made shit to show the world.

I guess the idea of an exhibition interests me more than actually beiing there. In hindsight, making small talk surrounded by the product of hours worth of creative effort is riviting. The background jazz of sleepless nights and spent passion. In reality I feel like I’m on display as much as the work is. That ever moving focal point of events attended by narcissists.

Here’s what De Wet had to say about his superb linocut.

One of way too many artists to mention here. Go see, go play. The event will be open to the public on 21st and 28th of September.


September 20, 2013 Early Tilt