Tilt Republic. Johannesburg. New York. Cape Town. London.

editorial policy

cs: A tryptech blog. New York- Johannesburg- London. The editorial policy can be summarised as ‘footnotes’. Images, podcasts and text all premised on living in our respective cities. It’s christopher steenkamp.

nd: Oh hey dude!

cs:  Hey guy.

nd: Coool like a day in the life kinda thing or on particular subjects?

cs: Obscure or definitive, researched or intuitive, I want to think of the space as an exhibition. There’s a London based cat named Bradford Keen,  philosopher, writer and comedian, who will cover that end and Murray will smash Cape Town. Posts can range from a doodle to a sentence to a photo to an essay.

nd: Rad! So we don’t necessarily explore the same subject matter or topic in three different cities, kinda peripheral, stream of consciousness, Boroughs, Joyce.

cs: Why wouldn’t you get it?

this is nic davies from New York

this is nic davies from New York


June 19, 2016 art