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From gravy to sodomy

Jack Selebi is gunning for that ever popular medical parole. I guess criminals are just sick, we shouldn’t hold it against them. I wonder if sick notes worked as well during the formative years of the Democratic Revolution or if this is a new trend. “Comrad Selebi couldn’t make it to the protest as he has a sore throat”.

from gravy to sodomy

Very soon Pollsmoor will have an entire wing dedicated to these sickly gravy fed gimps ministering to their tender medical complications.

Doctors say his legs have stopped working. Going numb from the waist down can’t be the worst thing for a police commissioner en route to a fifteen year sleepover with Pappa. It’s probably just his body anticipating the rough ride awaiting him on the inside- they’re called inmates for a reason.

Maybe KPMG should run a public service initiative, Brandhouse has done well to shock the public into driving dry- maybe our politicos need some encouragement. Something along the lines of “sodomy, a tender issue”.

It’s also wonderful to hear all the commentary, James Selfe, D.A guy, said we do in fact hope that his condition is genuine. Bloody hilarious. It remains such a silly loophole to watch grasped for, I wonder if it works for petty crime too? If I could just tell the local library or the DVD store that I had a headache, would they wave the fine? I think I’ll give it a go.

We must have the most empathetic judicial system in the world.


  1. Catharina says:

    Die oompie het ‘n moerse fout gemaak. Maar ‘rape’ kan nooit goedgepraat word nie, grapkas.

  2. Alyn Adams says:

    I’m not sure why male rape is “funny”, and female rape isn’t. Just don’t get the mindset; sorry.

  3. I feel like I might have crossed a line…..thanks for the input, you morally omniscient buzzkills. Always nice to be told what I can and cannot joke about.

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December 4, 2011 Early Tilt