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Generation pig, gutter screed ramifications and notes on a new time

Sitting at the gorgeous Trenchtown on a Tuesday evening, Chilli peppers are playing as I type this and I’m reminded that they’re coming to Cape Town. What a wonderful gift amidst the tumult of our broken socio political landscape. Thinking about those strikers who marched down Darling Street today to present a memorandum to Zille about not having adequate toilets and here I sit over fed and thinking about the Peppers. It’s all just a little crazy, watching my perspective go ever more warped and seeing it all happen in front of me makes me a little angry.


Reminds me of a Brendan Murray joke;


How many white liberals does it take to change a light bulb?

Trick question, white liberals can’t change anything.


No one’s laughing though. I keep thinking about this ever sickening economic divide and wonder what it would take to fix it? Juluis’ suggestion that Rondebosch common gets used for low cost housing is an excellent start. I’m sure suburbanites can find another place for their dogs to shit, but it’s a drop in the bucket. So much needs to be done and everyone seems consumed with lining their own pockets. I’d like to sit down with the upper echelons our political elite and ask them a few questions:

Can you really fix it?

Do you even care?


The Lonmin holocaust, the N2 stoning, the constant marching and striking seems so unbridled. If only the proletariat would get the leadership they deserve. Truth hungry, broad shouldered and wild eyed adherents to ideals bigger than coin.


Why don’t we have voices in receipt of that Madiba grit? Instead we’re stuck with this caustic, money hungry, shark tank. Reactionary fat cats instead of iconoclast politicos, ladies and gentlemen, I present, generation pig.


I know we’re no different from the other democratic cesspits, we’re perhaps just more honest about our dishonesty, but time for cuteness has come to an end. With a sizeable quotient of our people drinking out of rivers the rest of us shit in. Why can’t we share, transcend to a loftier, more spacious place? Is socialism such a terrible price for peace and solidarity? I can’t fix it and neither can you, but the answer lies somewhere between us. We need to unfuck our national psyche and we need to do it now.

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August 29, 2012 Early Tilt