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Henry coming to play

For any switched on, or moderately groovy facing, individual, ideological clarity is tantamount. This need to know what you believe, it’s important. The political spectrum, with its lefty’s and Nazi’s, is a special consideration when you see the amount of prickage that continuum is capable of. To think these things through, so we can defend and consider what’s important is no waste of time. A soft ideologue is a wet, sure there are many around, but they’re tedious. Even if what you believe hangs on some nihilistic exclusionist paradigm, one that revolves around blowing your mind out in some continually drug fuelled binge, then so be it, but it must be done with gusto. Nothing in moderation, everything in excess.


Saying all that, it’s fun to play the devil, or the devil you perceive. Stand up has these moments, where with the right amount of leverage and support from the crowd, you can go dark and play at being the worst human being you’re capable of imagining. It never really lasts though, it’s a device that can be dipped into, but ‘normality’ or your normal straight man has to be found before it’s too late. Otherwise the essence of your character is lost and novelty of behaving like a complete bastard is dulled. This otherness must be dipped into.


This is where I get excited about what Brent’s going to do this Sunday. It’s going to be interesting because he’s using a stand up stage to portray a character from one of his, bloody brilliant, plays called Bench. I watched it a few months ago and loved it. He portrayed this menacing low key gentleman skollie called Henry, with more baggage than a Gupta entourage and he did it to the tee. With another run around the corner, we discussed the possibility of Henry coming to host a Sunday and the rest is happening rather soon. This Sunday.


I’m jealous of the fact that he’ll get to use stand up, the medium, but be someone completely different. Though it’s something I’m certainly not interested in doing, I’m curious about the experience. How it feels. To adopt a completely other personality and then interact with people using it. The canvas will stretch so much further than material and mannerism, all the meta trimmings will be called on. What’s more he’ll be interacting with audience, a healthy bit of creative voyeurism for his characterisation and a chance to laugh my arse off. I can’t wait to see what happens. Come see.

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May 11, 2013 Early Tilt