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interlude in caffeine minor

I remember speaking to a well established comic about creative direction, his words cut crisply, “fuck your agenda, just have a stage and a microphone and see what happens.” What grand advice. Though it’s proved impossible to keep the equation agenda free, antagonising the sentiment has proved liberating. Yet it remains difficult, agendas are lubricated and camouflaged and deliberate things. Yet not nearly as tricksy as their defining characteristic, god honest sexiness.


There are many drums that need banging. From social justice to neo-liberal egos to spaced out spiritual tripe. An entire wiki of ‘isms with ballsy adherents pitching and molding and coercing. It’s part of the fun I suppose. Wading through the muck of human plans. We have too many of those. Plans.

don't do things

It’s in that spirit that I hesitate to pen a manifesto. The hoarding spirit of middle class materialism has an ideological counter point, it has to, people get off on different things after all. There’s no denying that manifestos can be little more than a primer for aesthetic fascism.


People are always talking about how, “if money wasn’t a factor”, they’d do this or that. It’s a healthy question. If money wasn’t a factor what would you be doing with your time? This serves as a kind of carrot on a stick to fuck through two or three decades of hamster wheeling. Once the vaults are full, then maybe, freedom could be realised. What a load of wank.


Yet money talks, and why shouldn’t it, especially when the lefty elite are all balls deep in disjointed hedonistic excess. It’s rare that freedom from economic necessity leads to anything other than freedom to fuck it up, all day, every day. Make no bones darlings, bohemia is in peril.


The thing is that maxim works both ways. ‘If money wasn’t a factor’ also applies if we question the fundamental values of modern society. Here…


“Reject the basic assumptions of civilization, especially the importance of material possessions.”- Chuck Palahniuk


Social wealth and higher pleasures, but what a silly suggestion. Who would dare promote such a thing?