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I recently went to a dinner with mates, you know one of those nights where half of the table you know, the other half you don’t. Nights like this fill me with fear, what if they’re cocks, what if they’re not cool people, what if they’re boring?

I got the worst of all … what if they uber liberal white kids who don’t realise they’re racist?

There was some random in the corner who’d spent the entire night chatting about Syria, Turkey (add other troubled country here) He had all the answers. Proudly chatted about how we need to do more to make change. How men need to be men again, and stop other men thinking women are pieces of meat.

Ok so far you’re wanky, but I agree with most of what you’ve said, maybe it’s the wine making you sound like a dick.

Until … The Waitress (who is black) walked back to the table. She was wearing a “Stop Racism” T-shirt. This is when the real side of liberal trust fund kids came out.

“Hey sweetie (not so open to women’s right’s suddenly)”

“Yes sir”

“You know what would make that shirt better?”

My racist Spidey sense started tingling

“If it said “you k@f*er” underneath”

And my head exploded.

Hey (name redacted) um, what the fuck did you just say?”

His response? “Oh calm down, it’s time we reclaimed that word, like they did in the States”

Firstly, it’s been over 150 years of time and healing in the States, and it’s still not cool, it took a very long time for black people in the states to reclaim that word. We’ve barely had 15 years.

Secondly, you white bread, suburban 25 year old, you’ve never experienced that hate, that racism, you grew up in the burbs and got an advertising diploma cause your folks had the cash to let you “find yourself” so you have no right to be the person who decides when that word is ready to be reclaimed.

And lastly, you’re WHITE, you dumb fuck, it’s not your word to reclaim, even if you do listen to NWA.

Now do us all a favour and go test your theory at Mzolis

August 4, 2013 Early Tilt