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jurisdiction of the brick

In this age of the pig, the conservative pig, the business pig, the neo liberal soft in the head pig, with a goddamn Mormon having a shot at the White House and a local economic divide the size of the holocaust, it’s time to make things happen. What we need is some absolute conviction, this wavering half arsed situation is a terrible burden. This is why I’ve decide to vandalize a truck on Main Road in Woodstock. There’s a truck that reads ‘Jesus saves’ and given the need for national austerity measures I don’t feel bothered, but on the other side the words ‘abortion is murder’ features. A strange marriage of ideas and slightly muddled if you ask me. Those two phrases should read “Abortion Saves” and “Jesus is Murder”, a far more agreeable sentiment.

How long are we going to entertain such transcendent stupidity? I wonder if it’s laziness that has caused us to source this collective social colostomy bag, getting up can be a burden, and sure there are times when apathy must reign but the fact that no one has put a brick through that fucking truck window upsets me on a personal level. It’s time to unplug the bag, before it bursts and makes a right mess.

Next week, I might just do that, get day drunk loaded, paint my middle finger black and throw a brick through that Mitt Romney-esque monument to dated hickdom. Or maybe I’ll just have another coffee.

Fuck that truck.

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September 11, 2012 Early Tilt