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Kobus de Kock Jr, a dirty dirty trooper

Considering my affection for the twisted that litter our cultural horizon, it’s no surprise that The Black Cat Bones give me a big rubbery one. Lurking around the main stage at any festival on a Sunday can prove to be a little depressing given the glory of the previous two evenings, the last Sunday at Synergy Live was no exception.

It doesn’t seem to phase the musos though, one outfit, more so than the rest. After sneaking onto the main stage wearing sunglasses made out of regret and my best ‘I’m supposed to be here’ smile I noticed a beardo who looked like he was coughing something up. On closer inspection he was. I gripped a bottle of water which he gladly accepted and on gulping down half of it he splattered it all out again. “Fucking sparkling”, he growled before reaching for another bottle.

It’s difficult to describe Kobus de Kock jr or how he was made. My best guess is that a gypsy sodomized a pirate unconsensually and thoroughly enough to effect in the world’s first anal birthing. He’s a menacing ball of energetic chaos & smelly grit. A sturdy, balls out front man I can’t wait to see more of. They’ll be all over Cape Town soon, stay in touch with them on Facebook.


These Gauteng dirty troopers showcase a progressive fusion of rock & blues so very good for the soul. Check local listings, don’t miss them.


December 4, 2012 Early Tilt