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Kremlin Boobs

Like I’m sure you know by now, some Ruskies have the international community a little flustered with all their fussing over who puts what where. The face of athletics (and ungroovy quips about interesting sleeping arrangements) dished some smack to LGBT folk the world over. Some rural cut and paste nonsense she probably picked up in Sunday school. ‘Boys don’t sleep over at boy’s’, or some such drivel.

Cue a few days after and it seems like we have what I feel could be the most touching bit of protest imagery I’ve seen in a while. Yes touching.

Kseniya Ryzhova and Tatyana Firova being awesome for social justice.

The Kremlin’s new law is a strange one, homosexuality remains legal, but any upbeat mentioning of it isn’t. SO you can be gay, but quietly gay. Fuck that big brother nonsense.These really are entry level obstacles. It’s embarrassing to see powerful people with such a limited grasp of their world.

Vitaly Mutko, the Russian minister of sport and fascist sexual musings, said the law is there to protect Russian children. He then mentioned drugs and alcohol abuse in the same vein.

“We want to protect our chidren whose minds have not yet been shaped by propaganda over drug abuse, alcoholism and non-traditional sexual relationships.” -Vitaly Mutko

There’s something irritating about the structure of that list.

A modern civilization without drugs, alcohol or sodomy? We might as well turf the wheel while we’re at it.

The idea that homosexuality has taken an evangelical turn is ludicrous. Besides, sexual disposition isn’t the pressing issue here, what matters is that people get off at all. A phenomenon this law puts a lot of pressure on. For the simple fact that nobody wants to shag a bigot.

I don’t get this ridiculous allergy, Ivan the Terrible, the Prince of Moscow himself, was thought gay. Good enough for the Tsar, good enough for the proles.