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Lady Gaga- twisted is pretty

I’m not entirely sure how ironic music can become before it implodes in a swirling mass of impractical clothing, but I’d like to see.

The question became important when I heard Lady Gaga has tour dates in South Africa. Which perhaps makes me sound a little nationalist, but I just want to be sure why I’m going to that concert if I do.

It’s no new revelation that music has become more than a vehicle for the talented. I’m not saying that Lady Gaga isn’t talented, because I think she is. What I am saying is that the reason I find her interesting as a musician has very little to do with her music. Which is a strange situation to be in.

And yes, of course I’d like get naked with her, but it isn’t entirely that either, there’s something else. When Letterman asked her why she was wearing a mask during her interview she said, “because I am Batman.” Now this is the kind of thinking that inspires fascination.

She’s no idiot, her comment, “It’s amazing what will happen if you take your clothes off”, had as much mirth and damning commentary in it as a PJ O’rouke essay.

To be fair there is one song that gets me, it’s from Black Jesus;

“Dancing in my revelation
Underground pop civilization
Concrete poetry to feed my mind
Old symbolism was left behind”

Which, to be honest, is encased in a terribly messy and unspiring set of beats but has a discernable gusto to it. The rest of the song talks about tackling New York city with a plan, and well, she pulled it off, alluding to the serious amount of rejection she has had to cope with considering her approach to entertainment. That’s something I’ve never really clicked with; that being excessively famous because you’re weird is a slow and perhaps rather painful process.

I think I might just go.

P.S here’s another rad bit of ranting on the subject by Stephanie Be.