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There’s far too much chaos. A helicopter crash, really? I think we should cut down entirely, we just don’t need this kind of stress in our lives. I’ve become addicted to sharing the daily caffeine infused ritual where we taser each other’s consciousness with daily offerings from our media outlets until our sensibility is left twitching on the floor. Consuming news is a kind of psychic bloodsport, full contact and ruthless. I seldom feel whole after a reading session, but there’s something, seemingly important, at the heart of it. Yet if I’m honest, I’ve accepted staying informed as valuable without aggressive examining. It happened by default.


To request that such a venture operates on a results based level might be too much, the complexity of socio-economics doesn’t really let us. Some manufacturer over charges on a product, a domino effect is discovered and all of a sudden we’re all addicted to jam, to me, this can be just as viable as the crime statistics-foreign investment equation rammed down our social consciousness diet.


I think staying informed for its own sake is a little thin on substance. Too many of the influential and beautiful individuals I encounter have justified keeping this daily grind away from themselves. They’re certainly not stupid nor callous, If half of them married the other they’d create a kind of utopian perfection, with only the best kind of jam.


Despite the innate beauty of these select that remain uninformed, I can’t quite bring myself to joining them, yet my reasons might be weak, I suspect my drive to stay informed might just lean to be conceptually weak, simply because the other bright crayons are doing it, kind of half conviction.


That’s what I’ll do for the next while, think about my thinking, and sift ‘great small talk’, ‘premises for jokes’ and ‘being perceived as well informed’ out of my core motivation for consuming mass media. In its place I’d like an immutable conviction about the fundamental value of staying informed. A higher pleasure concept removed from mediocrity.

April 17, 2013 Early Tilt