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Romney, the balls on this guy.

Watching the grigamba presidential debate two or three a.m’s ago left me with a tangible aversion to Mitt Romney. To be fair, I had it before I flipped the switch, here’s why…


I’m not an expert on the inner workings of, anything really, but there are a few things I’m sure about. Don’t put anything metal in the toaster and don’t encourage cult members to be in charge of anything important. They should be left to what they’re good at, murdering small groups of depressed stupid people and bothering freelancers while they work from home.


He presented his church credentials; that he was a missionary, boasted about being an elder in his church, some how confident that these things would win him favour? Now before we get to what kind of church he’s involved in I’d like to point out the madness of putting a zealous theist in charge of nuclear weapons. If you’re even slightly susceptible to assuming the ideas in your head are heaven sent you may not have the remote to world peace. It’s a simple enough concern. No, no, no.


‘Missionary’, ‘church’, ‘elder’ – these are all words the Christian and secular world can cope with. There are a few words, that in Romnomnomneys case, should cause a little more distress. Mormon, Joseph Smith, Moroni- these are not healthy components of a personal religious philosophy. This wouldn’t bother me, had it not bothered a large percentage of the American voting public. Not that Christianity fairs much better in the fairy tale department, but I’m not advocating Christianity instead, just wondering why Christians feel like Mormonism is congruent with their religion. It fucking isn’t, it’s madness. The bit about Jesus swinging by America before he died and an angel appearing to Joseph Smith in a forest outside of New York in 1840 should be seen as a significant deviation from the ‘truth’. The 1840 encounter was facilitated by an angel called Moroni, who showed him where some golden tablets were buried which he transcribed half of before losing. Apart from the voice of God sounding like an Italian Mafioso from Brooklyn, hey my name is Moroni! capish, who the fuck loses shit God gave them? That’s just irresponsible.


Even Billy Graham, that old flame of skewed self righteousness, has taken a shining to this bastard. Bill has taken Mormonism off the list of cults on his website. Kief, Romney has the backing of a senile spiritual AMWAY salesman who can’t remember the core principles of his own belief system, but he shouldn’t have thinking people fooled.


The bottom line here is a deep concern for the intellectual well being of America. That he’s this close to the White House says only one thing, the West is fucked.


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October 19, 2012 Early Tilt