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surrealist excess

It’s been some time since I first met this Murray. A few years now, fast forward a treacherous journey filled with cross country drug binges and a butt squeeze administered to Mick Jagger, and let’s see if I can communicate what exactly I like about the man.

Creative excess will have to be somewhere in the middle. A laugh a minute, relentless sledge hammer of an intellect that knows how thinking works. A meta cognitive beast, who not only thinks about his own thinking, but the thinking of others too. His ever hungry stance has effected in much heady ammo he regularly discharges into rooms full of people. The kind of cultivated excess that makes idling fun and sport out of boredom.

It’s a rare thing to see a counter cultural thespian in full gonzo mode, because we get to see the pretenders fall by the way side.

“It’s your responsibility, as an artist, to lose touch with reality”- Kenny Minor

That folks, is what he’s done with gusto.

Catch him at Armchair, Sunday the 11th of November. 21H00.

And yes, he once gave Mick Jagger a butt squeeze.

November 7, 2012 Early Tilt