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I absolutely love what’s happening at Kitcheners every Tuesday.  Lazola Gola, Robby Collins and Mojak Lehoko are beauteous  cretins. Get yourself to Braamfontein  folks…

September 25, 2013 Early Tilt, Podcast By: Christopher Steenkamp

Amidst the bustle of Observatory, between the work a day stoner humps and the rent a suite day drunk pretend friends to dropping out, is a sentiment so rare it can’t be looked at full on. A mirage like silhouette that can only be seen out of the corner of the right kind of eyes, and though fleeting, it’s probably one of the most beautiful ideas I’ve encountered.

August 4, 2012 Early Tilt By: Christopher Steenkamp

{Ed’s note: this is a cut & paste melange from a folder entitled ‘bits of chaos’, probably best read drunk.}

July 29, 2012 Early Tilt By: Christopher Steenkamp

#MassHysteria, brought to our fair city by @Whacked, has evoked all sorts of interesting. I can’t deny that this isn’t a biased comedy tanked fluff piece, but my reasons are legit and besides, Jesus lied (totally didn’t need that last bit).

July 12, 2012 Early Tilt By: Christopher Steenkamp

I first met Rustum August, Cape Town comedian and gig level hustler of all things comedic, five years ago. Back then he was an unassuming assemblage sporting a behavioural range between socially awkward and downright strange, on and off stage he reminded me of a South African Jim Morrison halfway through a batch of heavily spiked hallucinogens, he still does in fact.

May 11, 2012 Early Tilt By: Christopher Steenkamp

The Pickwicks Club on Long Street, which is Mr Pickwicks but the upstairs bit, has been a new home for my comedic allies and I for last two months. Well on Tuesdays. As with any show we had a few important questions to ask. What would it look like, where are the limits, who do we book?

March 14, 2012 Early Tilt By: Christopher Steenkamp

Here we are at the end of another moderately entertaining day. The problem with being burdened with a middle class appetite is that you tend to behave like a spoilt little mofo every now and then. We aren’t really receptive, as a movement, to reality. I noticed this some time back when I realized that the wrong flavoured yoghurt physically upset me. Mashini wam need not look too hard for evidence for a reason to strike with just cause. To be fair, however, we must consider the fact that apricot yoghurt is disgusting. Yes Korean dictators are dying, but what of the yoghurt? It’s a dissapointing fuselage of too-sweet-honey type goo mixed with a full cream yoghurty vibe. No human should have to square off with this cotchy apricot-infused sickly sweet assemblage of hormone-soaked calf sustenance thrown with whatever we perceive as edgy labelling. Life is too short.

December 20, 2011 Early Tilt By: Christopher Steenkamp

So I’m off to Balkanology for a little something or the other tonight. I fell in with a troop of gypsies for this evening of carnival madness, there’s much to say about the possibilities of tonight. We gathered for a little rehearsal/ conceptualizing session earlier in the week, a meeting that left me dazzled by the creativity lurking in our city’s enclaves.

The vision is grandiose, with tons of money thrown in from all around. Bos tea fronted a sexy 100k for the costumes alone, I’m not getting paid to blow air up their arse- but it’s something I’d gladly be paid to do, it’s a kief company. Exhibiting a keen vision for South African comedy, their Corne and Twakkie festival revelry in the form of an elaborate Gravalocity boxing ring is just superb. Local comedy cannot but progress with such excessive vision and support. Go Bos, you healthy bastards.

November 19, 2011 Early Tilt By: Christopher Steenkamp