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The Art of Profanity

Comedians and swearing, this interests me. I am in equal admiration of both. Not that I think gigs should be reduced to, in the words of Martin Evans, “live swearing” but there is something fascinating by a lyrical waxation of the filthier variety.

There’s nothing more dismal than being sworned at or near by someone incapable of doing it well. When it comes to comics swearing badly on stage the problem isn’t that they swear too much, but rather that they don’t swear enough.

Comedy needs to reflect one’s natural discourse, it’s a conversation after all, well at least the kind that I aspire to. The one liners have their own magic I can’t intrude on.

Not until you’ve incorporated the dark verbiage in your morning routine can you reflect that reality on stage. The reason Angel Blythe Campey doesn’t swear on stage is because she doesn’t swear when she’s off it, she represents a character she can relate to, herself.

Doug Stanhope swears on stage is because I’m sure he uses cunt as a term of endearment amongst his bossum buddies. See what I’m saying here? Authenticity is key. So if you don’t say pass the motherfucking milk after you’ve clinkled your fruit loops into your bowl don’t say it on stage.

“Above all, be yourself”- Oscar Wilde.

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June 24, 2012 Early Tilt