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The Goldman Pamphlets #1.5 A Little Context

There are many interesting ideas floating around; scratch beneath the surface of any human related endeavour and you are bound to find a collection of consecutive ideas flirting with each other. It seems to be what we do, attach meaning to our behaviour- we seem somewhat obsessed with it. Rightly so, life would be exceedingly kak without this obsession, without this melange of thought that gird action.

Sure there’s a school of thoughtlessness that inspires me greatly, the instinctually in tune Neanderthal type, these appetite driven maniacs have much to admire about them. That hazy overlap between the noble savage and the charming nihilist is found nearly everywhere, think Tony Stark meets Ninja.

Despite the sexy marketing I cannot ignore the other type of modus operandi; the kind that moves from wordily scripted sentiment and mounds of intellectual effort. The humanist, the socialist, the nihilist, the bohemian, the capitalist, the anarchist and it goes on and on. There are so many brands of interaction with our surroundings. Activists and pacifists, agitators and observers. Each with their own merit, their own beauty and downfalls, but exploring these dispositions become infinitely interesting when you are able to practically apply the principles yourself.

I have explored amorality and nihilism enough to know that it isn’t for me, even though I am still able to appreciate it as a world view because I’ve hung out with the ideology, the reason behind the behaviour. So despite the fact that I don’t have the constitution for such excesses or behavioural creativity my fascination with the idea remains because my understanding of it remains. That for me is where the beauty of a thoughtful life lies, in encountering an idea closely enough to apply it.

So this is what brought me to the Goldman pamphlets; exploring her inner world, the Anarchist stance and some of the accompanying ideas are manifestations of curiosity about the ideas behind the beauteously intentional actions of a significant person. In the previous post I touched on some of her biographical high points, the next is how Anarchy claims to be able to make man conscious of himself, which I’m not sure I understand at all.

All the same, it’s fun sifting through the chaotic melange of the this tilted republic.     

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May 10, 2012 Early Tilt