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the renege blues

There’s a serious question to ask. Where to now for the DA and Agang. Not serious for everyone, but serious enough for those who care for a healthy democracy. The DA is too important to be fucked with on this level.

I believe in the ANC, in fact I love it, its calibre of grit has to be of the greatest the world has ever seen, but they’re fucking up.

Simply put Jacob Zuma shouldn’t be president, of the ANC or the country. He’s not the guy. Umsholozi doesn’t love us, nor we him. I want a piercing intellect with a heart of gold. These arent my president’s characteristics. He’s an old school chauvinist not in command of his faculties. ¬†Especially alongside stately men like Cyril Ramaphosa, Kgalema Motlanthe and Aaron Motsoaledi.

the renege blues

That’s why the ANC, our glorious ANC, need an opposition with teeth. Shit like this weekend betwixt the Gogos simply isn’t good enough. That the official opposition let’s something as significant as a presidential candidate slip so obscurely, the mind boggles.

I’m peeved that Ramphele didn’t sweat it out because I, like many, feel the official opposition should be demographically congruent. Sure it is lower down, but as long as there’s a white face on the official opposition it’s going to struggle. We’re too near that filthy fascistic chapter called apartheid for anything else to make sense.

With Cope having sued itself broke, Agang rudderless and the EFF overflowing with the epitome of irresponsible lefty twaddle we need the DA. Not to lead, but to step on the ANC’s toes. Here in Jozi we have Musi Maimane, a solid DA’anite, that he wasn’t chosen above Mamphele surprises me. I know he’s young and still finding his feet, but you know who isn’t, Rampiepie, and look how well that worked.

With a big dick opposition comes the realization within the ANC that having Umsholozi as our president is bad a move. It’s time for a stately big hearted intellectual to fill those over priced shoes.

February 4, 2014 Early Tilt