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the tweet eaters



It’s become easier to remember moments we didn’t attend, our twitter/facebook/instagram generation is so gifted at replicating moments we’re too busy sharing to actually be present in. In this staggeringly weird age we’ve remodelled momentary appreciation to cater for our ever growing shared ego, a throbbing unconscious collective furiously circle jerking and backslapping in the electronic country club of the ‘followed’. With these rewritten social screeds, the baby boomer iron curtain has come down with a vengeance and it means only good things for us millenials. Boardrooms and stale country clubs and anywhere else neo hick fuckheads assemble aren’t sought after spaces anymore, we’ve started our own club and the beauty is the old guard are too stubborn and ignorant to catch on.

“The order is rapidly changing.” -Bod Dylan

“The lynch mob has new marching orders.” -I said that.

Any major social shift needs a few generations to take hold, there’s no room for cowboy expectations when it comes to remodelling our national psyche. The racist pigs that dominated this country have been ostracised, but their legacy lingers. Twitter can help fix that.

If you find yourself in a room full of racists, like I did a few evenings ago, just whip out your phone and you’ll find an entire army of intellectually healthy progressive liberals in tune with your displacement. I remember a time when loneliness was a real threat, now isolation is a rare commodity, a beautiful achievement, we have achieved solidarity.

I feel like twitter plays an important part in realizing our new mandate, our new beat. Firstly, it’s concise and selective. Two things notoriously effective in populating an inner world. Unfortunately we can’t keep the covert business pigs at bay, but they’re here to stay, besides, sponsored tweets aren’t the enemy, they sustain democratically elected voices.

The overview Twitter gives us of our perpetually ignorant, intellectually indulgent and apparently open minded Zeitgeist is valuable because it proves that none of those things are necessarily true. We have an inside track, precious insight into the social machinery that comprises our society. That makes it an exponentially kief platform because we know what our thinkers are thinking.

A heinously crass stamp of approval in the number of ‘followers’ or accumulation of ‘likes’ unsettles me a little but not enough to ignore the entire situation. The thing that bothers me is the occasional self delusion that accompanies this ethereal fame. It’s no different from the money hungry pigs that gloat over how many pieces of paper they’ve collected, but mercifully that’s just a click away from not being a problem.

That’s all side tracking if I must be honest. The real grit here is our ability to interact with giants of our choosing, the conscientious sharer has on many an occasion, lifted my mind and spirit and made me feel all the more closer to raw creativity and that’s just wonderful.

Well done everyone, you’re doing so very well.

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