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Too much love

There’s a place on the arse end of Kloof Street, just before Geneva drive, opposite that little wooden security booth, called Diepsloot. It’s a little gorge hemmed by a little bit of parking, overlooking Camps Bay Beach. I sat there tonight (Thursday) watching the sun go down and taking in the prettiest bloody view I’ve seen in a while. Sinking a few Black Labels, we had a designated driver relax you narc bastards, getting ready for the evening’s gallavanting.

Ken Bull-Smith’s one man show TOO MUCH LOVE at the Arena Theatre on Orange Street (Michealis campus) tore right into my middle bits. I met the cripple delight some time back on the comedy circuit. I had no idea his theatrical swagger was so stern. Now, I’m not tuned into how the whole art fag  review vibe movement works but I enjoyed this man’s show immensely. Basically, a physically orientated show, exploring his journey with muscular dystrophy- a seriously autobiographical manoeuvre. I guess it’s because I knew about Ken’s condition (?) that made the material so much more punchier, but now so do you so you too can go feel what I did.

The lighting blew me sideways, the intro too has a little surprise but the thing that killed me was the honesty that the performance carried. He expressed so much of the kakness of having wonky legs but in a Gangs of New York sort of freaky excessiveness. It left me feeling stoked about my own yet stunned at his own transcendence.

It’s a vibe and it’s only on till Saturday. Go watch Cape Town.

Phone this number 082 864 3242, go watch the show.

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December 16, 2011 Early Tilt