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When the Saints…

Madame Zille will march on Luthuli house next month. First the Commander in Thief shows up at Nkandla wearing that peakless hat he invented, now the DA will toyi toyi outside the ANC hq. With all this demand I think it’s time to start a rubber bullet factory.

I don’t know if I understand marches, specifically as isolated incidents. A committed program of dissent, where a weekly march clogs up a city’s or country’s infrastructure makes sense. A deliberate intent to be heard, where thousands are arrested at a time, buckling a system that relies on cooperation.

But this seems like a kind of once off outing more concerned with being seen than actually effecting change. Like that time-wasting golden parachute wearing coworker who spends half the day on Facebook, but has mastered a focused look on his big stupid face. This is an opportunity to wave at new potential voters on television and not a manifestation of actual concern.

6000 DA supporters taking a day off work to look upset outside Luthuli house is going to do fuck all for job creation. In fact, it’s going to keep our gattas busy baby sitting a bunch of scared white people.

How’s about the 6000 morally indignant caring citizens stay at work that day. Pool their collected earnings, which at R400 each, works out to 2.4 million Rand. Then they can start a trust or a cc or whatever the fuck business pigs do with 2.4 million lying around, and maybe create some jobs themselves.

I won’t be told this act of marching is directly linked to concerns over job creation for the simple fact that it’s creating fuckall jobs. It’s nothing but a pre-election infomercial. It’s time for manifestations of solidarity to be put to better use.

January 22, 2014 Early Tilt