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When Twitter becomes Important


There’s this hash tag that sprung up amidst the day, probably my favourite trend yet. It filled me with all kinds of appreciation for an uniquely Capetonian phenomenon called coloured colloquial language. I think that is what makes twitter rad, outside of all the time wasting and banal troll like behaviour, I get this little gift bursting with humour.

Anything that causes us to stop and take another look at the people in our community is a great idea. This time round it was the Cape Flatinisms that I hear flung all around me, some people were kind enough to give translations.

@JeanEsterhuizenMoeni my BORS warm maakie! #ColouredSpreekWoorde

@Hloni_SwitchDai kind dink mos sy kak ice-cream #ColouredSpreekwoorde

@brittcaseysmith#colouredspreekwoorde you know mos.

@lyndonjuliusStiek uit jou bang ding (when being challenged in any walk of life)#ColouredSpreekWoorde

There are many more, go have a look.

This what makes twitter important, it’s ability to facilitate these kind of random acts of appreciation. The shitty attitudes, the one that suggests a puritanical approach to language is somehow more valuable than a colloquial one is being questioned here. Sticking it the snobbish few. Twitter, in its restrictions, forces people to be concise, sure there are downfalls, but the beauty is that people are thinking about the things they tweet. They’re editing them to sizeable chunks and this requires understanding.


My point is that I’m stoked pop, politics and sport took a back seat and we celebrated what it means to be a Capetonian.