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Watching over paid, well, over everything’d, uncharming people piss our money against the wall is infuriating. I feel like taking that National Key Point and applying it lubelessly to every lying hole I can find. What joy to take a break from the odious spend thrift bastardly upper echelon, for but another wave of equally vile wank.


We have, of course, been given a new pope. I’m not sure if the ‘p’ has to be capitalized, but god knows I mean well.


It’s moments like these that leave me a little numb to the state of the world, and little less bad for choosing not to do something overtly helpful for it. That we have 1.2 billion, of what I imagine to be mostly non-retarded, human beings endorsing this spectacle remains astonishing. We’ve allowed it get out of hand, an organisation who’s main export is raped child anuses, not to mention the shittily constructed god concepts, ideas of self or toxic attitudes to anything unboring. What is this guy doing on my front page, this democratic West I occupy fails me again.


Surely, by show of hands, can we not agree to imprison this motherfucker? 1.2 billion? We might as well willingly de-evolve.

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March 14, 2013 Early Tilt